About 6 months ago I had the opportunity to have my first of many phone conversations with Chris Hixon from QB-TV.  Chris actually was reaching out to national QB Coaches to converse with us about our technique and teaching tactics that go into coaching QB's.  It was not long before I realized that Chris and I had many similar views as to the efficiency and the specifics of throwing the football.  Our first conversation prompted a next conversation that prompted another one and before long we have built a really neat relationship that is truly a blessing.  Soon the season came upon both of us and we disconnected for about a month or so.  The team I presently coach in the fall started 0-4 and as you may have guessed things were a bit challenging, and our offensive output was just not good enough.  I remember texting Chris and after trading some more texts we decided to talk on the phone.  It was during this conversation that we got away from throwing technique and on to reading progression and footwork.  2 things came about that I believe helped our quarterbacks succeed at a much higher rate during the next 6 games than they did in the first 4.  2 step drop on all 3 step combos except quick screens was a tremendous step up vs. the 1 and 3 firm that I was teaching them.  In simplicity it improved our timing by adding a read step with the first step which I like to call a back out step.  The other major addition of knowledge was actually something that in my opinion is rather elementary at its base.  What routes work against what coverages?  The defense will always give you something on each play. Instead of concentrating so hard on concepts think closer about the routes.  Focus on the passing tree and know which routes work vs what coverage.  Simple, but brilliant and helpful for me as a coach.  So to make a long story short check out the website listed below and see what Chris is all about and maybe you can use him as a resource as well.  I know I will in the future for sure.  Coach Hixon is based out of Atlanta, but consults QB's nationwide online.  Check him and QB-TV out!