Midwest Quaterback Camps


Midwest Quarterback Camps are an exceptional, quality experience, exclusively for quarterbacks.  Our camps are designed to provide quarterbacks with the skills and leadership strategies to be successful on and off the football field.  We maximize every second, so prepare for a full tilt 4 hour Quarterback Experience. Coaches and Parents are always welcome on the field, and in the classroom to share camp with their athletes.  We also invite you to video any or all of our segments.  Our concepts are not secret and are proven to work.  We are proud of the knowledge that we have been given by so many great coaches, players and teachers over time.  We have a passion for sharing our knowledge with each and every one of you.  Our staff simply can't wait to get started in 2018!


                                                                                                          OUR CAMPS WERE FOUNDED ON A FEW KEY PRINCIPLES:



- At Midwest Quarterback Camps you are more than a number or a $ sign.  Our coaches will get to know you individually by name in order to help complete our personal instruction that we provide.  We like to keep our teacher to student ratio at 10:1 (maximum) for just this very reason.  We simply enjoy meeting people all over the world that aspire to play the position of Quarterback.  It is also very rewarding when you can help connect Quarterbacks together in a camp situation.  It is special when lifelong friendships are made along the journey we take together.    

Attention to Detail:

- We are a Quarterback ONLY program in order to focus on the close attention to detail that this position demands. It is during our group and team sessions where we provide the opportunity for our Quarterbacks to mix with other perimeter players.  This progression allows us to build strong fundamentals and then add timing and reading concepts as you go.    

Respected Teachers:

- Our camp directors (Bill Altmann and Rob Slavens) have over 60 years of combined experience playing, coaching, training and researching the quarterback position.  Midwest Quarterback Camps stays up to date and with the times.  We share, coach and clinic year round.  We also truly love to share this information with you!

Affordable for everyone:

- At a modest cost of $99 per camp we hope that our camp will be efficient and affordable for everyone.  We understand financial challenges and are willing to work with any quarterback who would like to experience our camp and are limited financially.  Please inquire at any time if you face these setbacks.  We are more than happy to assist your quarterback so they can gain this experience as well.